Real Future Fair

Capturing a retro-future vibe for’s event

The Fusion Network hosts an annual conference called Real Future Fair. They describe it as a series of “creative conversations on how technology is changing our world.”

In the first few years of the conference, Fusion whipped together an event website internally. For the 2015 conference, however, they wanted to drastically increase the scope of the event, and with that, the information and functionality of the website.

What We Did

The Real Future Fair was set to be a single event to replace a series of workshops and events on the future of media. To coordinate the disparate elements of the existing brand, Fusion wanted a single-page website that would drive ticket sales, as well as hold all the schedule and speaker info.

The event organizers said that they were looking for a single page website with a 1990s vibe — specifically, they didn’t want the usual conference website layout with floating speaker heads. Planetary took that direction and ran with it, bringing the retro-future vision to life.

Project Goals

  • Design a bold aesthetic for the site
  • Provide access to a lot of info on a single scroll page while keeping the call to action prominent
  • Design, develop, and launch site in two-week timeframe
  • Appeal to a young and diverse audience in the startup realm


  • Branding
  • Motion design
  • Conversion Optimization

We used monospace typefaces that recalled the early days of internet design and gradients that referenced a time when bold was beautiful. Matt Ström, Designer


When the client asked for a 90s aesthetic, Matt immediately thought of the screensavers that came pre-installed on old versions of windows Using Paper.js, a vector drawing library, he re-created the echoed bezier curves and animated them at the top of the site.



We relished the opportunity to let our imaginations go wild and create a website that was unlike any other conference site.