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One third of Americans have fallen dangerously behind in saving for their retirement. That’s more than 100 million people today.

In service of raising awareness about the importance of saving for retirement early, and helping folks find ways to do so, Prudential partnered with Droga5 and our team to put on a benefit race and festival at the Rose Bowl in sunny California.

Our team was tasked with building a crucial component: the runner time check at the end of the race. Every one of thousands of runners would be able to search for their bib number, check their run time, and share it online. We needed to find a way to turn this experience into something not just useful but educational, too.


Runners participated both at the event and online through Nike’s fitness tracker


Total miles run by all the runners


Of dollars saved for retirement


Imagine each leg of a race as a quarter of your working career.

That’s what we asked the runners to do in their recap. Each kilometer represented not only one leg of the race, but ten years of an average forty year career. As the recap progressed through the race, we showed both the runners’ time for each leg and just how much saving an additional 1% of annual income represented in retirement savings.

By tying the race back to a typical career and salary, we were able to really bring home the impact of saving just a little bit more each year. Runners came away with an actionable, meaningful experience — and a race recap they could share and brag about on social media.

  • Meaningful information tied the experience back to retirement savings
  • Runners could search on kiosks at the event, or from their own mobile devices
  • A sharable “card” was generated automatically for each runner
  • Runners could search easily by their bib number or name


Trade Gothic


Sample Glyph


Sample Character Set
  • #98c3de
  • #e3edef
  • #f7f7f7
  • #002247
  • #ffd200
Design Approach

Subtle interaction and motion design were used to create a fluid and efficient experience.

The primary design challenge for this project was creating an experience that was extremely easy to use for any demographic while also ensuring robustness for use by large, impatient crowds. Other design constraints were the focus on usability in environments with high amounts of glare, as well as ensuring that the tactile experience wasn’t too finicky for tired runners who just wanted to get their times and move on.

The UI and style was designed closely following the client’s branding guidelines ensure everything was kept on-message, with a focus on simplicity and intuitiveness. While the UI was kept utilitarian and simple, attention to detail was paramount, using subtle interaction and motion design to make the experience as fluid and pleasant as possible for the hurried runners.