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Remote is not just a fad. More than 40% of employees have spent at least some time working remotely.

Companies everywhere are realizing the benefit of being able to provide a flexible work environment and source employees from anywhere. Many tech companies, such as InVision, Buffer,, and Zapier boast fully remote teams, with more companies joining this group every day.

With so many companies jumping on this bandwagon, tools to manage distributed teams are becoming more important every day. Being fully distributed ourselves, we found the need to build a tool to help simplify scheduling for our team—from this, Spacetime was born.


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Individual teams, including corporations, small businesses, and non-profits


Time zones represented across the world (yes—there are more than 24!)


Spacetime let’s you see where your calendar overlaps with everyone on your remote team, without ever leaving Slack.

As a remote worker, you’re used to seeing your teammates in two places: Slack and team meetings. But when multiple time zones are involved, getting people together (at the right time) isn’t always easy. With Spacetime, you can see the time, location, and weather for every member of your remote team, without ever leaving your workspace.

  • Seamless Slack chat integration
  • Work hours visual editor
  • Automatically updated location tracker
  • Convenient MacOS desktop application


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Set your hours, add your team, and start scheduling across time zones.

Spacetime is in a special class - super simple and turnkey - providing value for my team. Great for all Slack teams spread out across multiple locations.

Scott Carleton
Scott CarletonSite Lead NYC, Asana