Announcing Spacetime 2.0

By Josh Gross, 18 July, 2018

Since we first shared Spacetime publicly in 2016, thousands of teams have signed up and use our app every week. We’ve slowly become one of the most popular tools for sharing your work hours and time zone, especially amongst distributed teams.

Top teams are distributed over 15, 26, or even 40(!) different time zones and are adding new locations constantly.

In that time, we’ve received tons of positive feedback and dozens of requests for new features. We’ve definitely heard all of it and have spent the past few months rebuilding the Spacetime experience. Today, we’re excited to share the new Spacetime.

This new version includes badly needed Account and Team Management tools, giving team admins the ability to better manage their team. Additionally, we’ve made the product more reliable, faster, and easier to use—the underlying technology has been completely rebuilt.

Today, we are also introducing Spacetime Pro, which expands on the already valuable features of Spacetime. With Pro you’ll be able to add single-channel, guest, and non-Slack users, support teammates with schedules that vary day-to-day, and group users by internal teams.

What new standard features are we introducing?

Account Management

You can now update your name, profile picture, and email address from a convenient control panel.

New team settings view

Team Management: Administrators can now manage their entire teams! Yes — finally. You can now add and remove teammates, as well as control their level of permissions.

…and what’s in Spacetime Pro?

Non-Slack and Restricted Users

If you have contractors, consultants, clients, compadres, or cohorts that aren’t on Slack, or are Slack guests (single and multi-channel) you can now invite them to your Spacetime teams!

Group View

Personalize your Spacetime view by grouping members into custom categories like project, management level, team, location, or favorite color.

Multi-Day Scheduling

Multi-Day Scheduling: Many of you don’t work the same hours every day (especially, say, weekends?) and Spacetime should be able to correctly reflect your schedule. You can now set different hours by day of week — we’re really excited about this one 🎊

Expanded Status Options

Not just weather. Show your current country flag (🇯🇵) or work availability (✅) as your status icon, updated automatically.

We hope you give Pro a try and we would absolutely love to hear your feedback. Sign up is completely free, so there’s no risk or cost to see if it works for your team. If you sign up for Pro with the link above, you’ll receive 20% off!*

We’re here to make your team work better, together. We hope the new Spacetime helps you do that! ✌️

* Discount expires August 17, 2018.