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For the first time in more than a decade, Blue Diamond Almonds was ready to redesign their website and online store.

The task ahead of us was formidable: taking over 10 years of content, over 100 products, and over 100 years of history, and condensing it all into an organized, engaging, and purposeful website for their loyal customers. Their product lines, from Snack Almonds to Nut-Thins to Almond Breeze, all serve different customers and needs; they wanted to unify brand representation of the website while maintaining a unique feel for each product line. From start to initial launch, we worked closely with Blue Diamond and their social media partner, Fanscape, for six months.


Reduction in user bounce rate across the entire site


Increase in organic traffic to the site and store

12 mo

Of steady and continuous improvement of all metrics following launch


To truly understand the heart of Blue Diamond, we disassembled and dissected every aspect of the business.

We worked with each individual Blue Diamond product team, eCommerce team, support team, recipes team, and social partner to identify key moments and information that was important to consumers. Using everything we collected, our designers set out to uncover the brand voice and style that could represent Blue Diamond as a whole, while also providing a unique voice to each product line. In addition, we worked closely with their packaging and product teams to ensure that any nutrition data was digitized for all products and information about the new website printed on packaging was coordinated with the launch.

  • Generated and utilized high-quality photography to increase engagement
  • Unified all product lines into a cohesive brand style and voice
  • Incorporated the recipes database, product locator, and eCommerce platform
  • Provided enhanced online customer support capabilities


Graphik Pro


Sample Glyph


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  • #ffffff
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Technical Approach

The site needed to be structured enough to support the wide array of complex information, from recipes, to product data, nutrition labels, and shoppable products.

We built the entire site using React backed by Contentful, an API-based content management system. This allowed us complete flexibility necessary to display all of the different pages and content types, while giving the Blue Diamond team autonomy to easily update site content, create pages, add and update products, and even set the styles of product sections without developer assistance. The store utilized the Shopify API to create a seamless integration with the rest of the website, as well as leveraging a third-party nutrition label service, to provide shoppers with complete product information.

  • Contentful powers the content delivery on the backend
  • Shopify seamlessly integrated as the new online store
  • Component-based architecture for ease of developer updates