Google Impact Challenge

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The Google Impact Challenge asks local nonprofit innovators how they would make their community an even better place. runs several Impact Challenges every year in different communities across the globe. Each one attracts hundreds—or thousands—of entries from nonprofits of all sizes and of all stages. Each entry needs to then be vetted, reviewed, and scored by a group of subject-matter experts for quality, relevance, feasibility, and several other factors. We worked with to build a platform that allows them to create new Challenges, accept submissions, and vet entries with experts.


Applications submitted and reviewed on the platform


Impact Challenges run around the globe, from Cape Town to Cleveland

< 1 min

To process each application on the new platform—a reduction of over 80%


The team wanted to reduce the overhead of spinning up challenges and reviewing entries.

We worked closely with the team to understand their process and design a platform that could automate and coordinate the tasks that they were doing manually or with less-than-ideal tools.

We then set out to design a tool that addressed all of these concerns, while providing a concise experience that hides all of this complexity from applicants. The platform we built is designed to allow completely flexible application form creation, giving the Impact Challenge team the ability to accept short-form, long-form, multi-select, and many other response types, as well as configure Challenge availability, automated responses, and complete reviews.

  • Easy-to-use UI to support any arrangement of questions and inputs
  • Quick, automated reviewer assignment based on experience
  • Interface for submissions on mobile and tablet devices
  • Quick identification of top submissions has used this platform to accept thousands of applications from all over the world, from Germany to Nigeria to Australia. The easy review process has allowed them to scale these challenges greatly.

Josh Gross
Josh GrossLead Developer