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An event may only last a night but GIFs last forever.

Branded events for product launches, fashion shows, television and movie premieres, and publications are a big deal. Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into these events each year, but they are brief, ephemeral, and soon forgotten about once guests leave. We partnered with experiential firm Makeout to provide exciting, clever photo and video takeaways from events.


Activations executed successfully at events


Photos processed by the Photoland system


Videos and GIFs generated by the Photoland system


From a simple snapshot to a completely green-screened GIF, we built Photoland with extreme flexibility for any event scenario.

The best moments are often captured in unexpected ways. The Photoland system allows each activation to be as unique as the budget allows; at its most basic, it can be a guest-activated system that generates a simple watermarked photo. However, at its most complex, it can be integrated entirely into its environment, tied to an RFID-enabled chip preloaded with guest’s information, triggered by an expert photographer, and generate wildly complex video and photo outputs.

Final output—be it a video, photo, or GIF—can be instantly emailed or text messaged to guests right from the booth. Using the seamless RFID experience, Photoland can even send them automatically with no guest interaction beyond a simple tap. Guests get a great experience, and brands get meaningful engagement data from the event.

  • Highly customizable photo and video booth experiences
  • Integrates into any event, any environment as seamlessly as desired
  • RFID-enabled experiences
  • Data tracking and analysis provides meaningful engagement information
Technical Approach

It is vital to ensure fast turn around of media and resilience against issues such as poor internet or connectivity issues.

To seamlessly work around these potential problems, we built a hardened system that runs all media-related actions on the local hardware, without requiring an internet connection. Guests never know the difference, and never see an error related to connectivity.

We also parallelize the work of processing media and interacting with the activation, allowing media to simultaneously be taken, processed, sent, and uploaded. This has allowed Photoland to process photos in, on average, less than 8 seconds, and videos to be processed in under 20 seconds. Our focus on streamlining this effort helps keep lines moving at big events, reducing wait times and allowing more guests to get their personalized takeaway—sometimes more than once!

Coming away from an event with a photo I can share on Instagram makes it so much more memorable.

Guest2018 TIME Person of the Year Event

Photoland Mobile

Users can access their photo stream from anywhere with a fully responsive mobile interface.